The Best investment opportunities

In this pre-sale apartments site we find you the best investment opportunities, and we make you save money and time.

In which way? We are your virtual assistant in real estate investments, so to speak, because understanding your requirements we can find you the best investment options in areas such as Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, El Cuyo, Holbox or Cozumel.

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Return On Investment

The capital gain in the Riviera is constantly increasing, Tulum is an example, as it increases approximately 10% per year, so your investment will always be constantly increasing.

Result of purchasing

Some developments have a guaranteed return on investment that will generate profits from the first year, your apartment will pay for itself.

Would you like to use your new investment for vacation rental? Don't worry, some developments offer this service.

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About us

At I&O Group we are specialists in return on investment and personalized services. More than 15 years of experience back us up in one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the world. To keep up with that pace, we are very attentive to details, and in order to recommend you the best, we have made alliances with the most solid and prestigious companies in the area.

Who is it designed for?

If you are looking for the best investment opportunities in the Riviera Maya, ecological options, environmentally friendly options, land to start your investment from 0, we will present you the best options.

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Do I have to pay for the property completely in one payment?

No, some developments offer options with down payments starting at 30% and the rest deferred.

I am a foreigner, can I buy a property?

Of course! In Mexico it is possible to acquire a property being a foreigner, you only need to contract a trust.


Can I sell my property as a foreigner?

Thanks to the trust, the buyer becomes the legal owner of the property purchased, with the right to rent it, sell it, improve it and benefit from it, as he/she sees fit.

What is a Trust?

It is a real estate purchase transaction where a Mexican bank or financial institution is added to sign and manage the title to the property on behalf of the buyer.

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